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Hello hello hello! Thanks for considering becoming a patron! Your patronage goes towards upkeep and maintenance of my gear, me being able to record, manufacture and distribute physical media via my new label Eat My Shit Records - and also be able to tour to your fine zones around the world!

Anyway, obviously you'll get a lot of music with your subscription - my entire back catalog along with exclusive unreleased music and live recordings delivered instantly to you via the Bandcamp app for iOS and Android.
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If this is a successful campaign, I hope to release several tapes of my own material, as well as a few splits and comps in the next year or two. Your support would just mean the world!


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Portland, Oregon
Portland-based multimedia artist Vern Avola makes electronic music that combines a ferocious wall of sound with a deceptively subtle sense of dynamics.
She has been performing live music since 2005, and has been performing solo live since 2008.
Former monikers for her solo performances: Dirty Centaur and EMS (Eat My Shit).

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